Gift Ideas for your “Impossible List”

You know who they are…. the people on your list that are difficult and sometimes impossible for you to find the right gift.  You think, you browse online, you shop the stores in search of the perfect gift that will impress, show your thoughtfulness and truly be appreciated by your business associates or loved ones before you draw a blank, panic or give up and buy the safe boring thing like a gift certificate or bottle of wine.

Gotta Have It! Collectibles knows what you’ve got to get for your “impossible list”.

019390_lgFeatured Item:

Finest Babe Ruth “Gem Mint” Signed Original Photograph




019723_lgFor The Overly Practical: These people don’t like you to waste money on a gift they won’t use, will throw away or give to Goodwill.

The Beatles Photograph Signed by Harrison, McCartney & Ringo



019632_lgFor The Boasters: These people crave an item that no one else has. Give them something to talk about for years to come.

The Most Important Bruce Lee Personal Item to Ever be Offered to the Public


019287_lgFor Those Who Have Everything: These people are the most difficult to please during the holidays. Don’t even think about purchasing them a gift, they already have it. Unless it’s a one of a kind …

Antique 19th Century Gambling Kit with Colt Revolver




019735_lgFor Loved Ones Who Crave Thoughtfulness: It’s the thought that counts with these people. Prove you know your loved ones well by purchasing a gift out of their wildest dreams.

Fabulous Audrey Hepburn Signed Photograph



019050_lgFor The Intellectuals: These people have a thirst for knowledge and want nothing more to own a piece of history.

1933 Original Albert Einstein Photograph “First Posed Photo in the U.S.”











Choose gifts from quality collectibles and memorabilia from popular culture to legendary history